Residential & Commercial

Luzon Environmental Services gives its clients a total environmental management solution. We are a full service environmental consulting and contracting firm servicing the residential, commercial and industrial marketplace. Luzon has been at the forefront of our industry with the most current technologies.  We have specialized equipment to handle any type of remediation project.  Luzon can provide all of these services in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Did you know that decommissioned underground tanks may have hidden environmental hazards!?   Quite often, pinhole leaks in tanks are not visible when tanks are inspected in the ground.  These pinholes are virtually invisible against the dark background of the soil during the inspection (prior to decommissioning the tank). SOIL TESTING IS IMPORTANT!


Oil tanks on your property – whether they are aboveground or underground – can rust and leak over time, causing soil, water, and air pollution. The longer this goes undetected or ignored, the greater the hazard will be not only to your property, but potentially also to neighboring properties. If your oil tanks has leaked, you need to determine the extent of the contamination and take immediate action to remediate (clean up) the problem created by the leak.



Post-petroleum tank removal, Luzon Environmental Services is trained and certified to provide the following remediation services if necessary.

 • Soil remediation & excavation

 • Monitoring well installation

 • Groundwater remediation

 • Soil & groundwater sampling

 • Soil & groundwater delineation

 • Alternative/biological remediation

 • Site restoration

 • Submit documentation to the NYDEC for a No Further Action (NFA) letter