For more than 42 years, Luzon Environmental Services, Inc. has provided experience, expertise and integrity in solving environmental issues for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Luzon’s ability to provide total environmental solutions using their own personnel, equipment and quality systems provides clients with 100% assurance that work is done on time, on spec, and on budget.

Luzon’s commitment to service has earned it a solid reputation throughout the Hudson Valley. Major corporations, realtors, communities, and homeowners place Luzon Environmental Services at the top of their list. In addition, Luzon provides important training to corporations, school districts and governmental agencies enabling them to handle environmental issues before and after an event. 

All presentations and training are custom-designed to suit and can include personalized emergency response procedures, general environmental education or specified review of Haz-Mat issues. Luzon provides service throughout the New York Tri State area, and is available for consultancy work throughout the  NorthEast.

About Us


  • Geological Surveys 
  • Brownfield Remediation
  • Specialty Demolition
  • Gas Stations Underground Storage Constructions

We Build Gas Stations!

From the ground up!


Luzon Environmental enjoys an unsurpassed reputation for completing construction projects on time, on budget, and in line with stringent personal safety and environmental security regulations. Our construction capabilities are lengthy, starting with the removal, inspection and installation of underground chemical storage tanks, petroleum tanks, and oil/water separators. We have refined our experience with over 4 decades of experience, Luzon’s set of industry best practices – enacted from planning through project completion – have led a long-term client relationships because of careful due diligence and quality execution.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)


Owning and Operating UST facilities  

If you have thought about purchasing or opening a retail fueling business, you should be familiar with what regulations must be followed to keep the tanks in compliance. Every state has slightly different requirements for regulating USTs, so you should be familiar with the requirements in your state.  As a UST owner, you will have many responsibilities, such as:

 •Your tanks must be properly registered with the state (including notifying them when the property changes hands or if you decide to later close or replace any of the USTs)

 •You are responsible for recognizing and following state UST regulations, including state or federally-mandated upgrades to the tank system or piping.

 •You are responsible for completing UST Operator Training, if required by your state. 

•You must protect against corrosion. •You will need to monitor your tank monthly.

 •You are expected to detect leaks quickly, before contamination spreads.

 •You need to keep records of leaks, maintenance, inspections, repairs, etc.

 •You are responsible for reporting and cleaning up any releases.

 •You must pay for the cleanup of any releases. Tank owners are required to demonstrate financial responsibility, proving that they will be able to fund a cleanup, if required. Many states have insurance programs or trust funds for UST owners that can assist with paying for cleanups, providing the tanks are in compliance and all appropriate regulations are followed.

Ready to store fuel!


The cost to build service & gas stations in New York depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. 

We will guide you through each step of the way and provide you with the most clear  explanations as possible. You will be part of the project and will be happy with the results!

If you are looking to size the cost of building a project, give Luzon a call.