Steel Tanks Corrode!


Steel’s corrosion is caused by the inherent tendency of iron based metals in underground storage systems to revert to a stable form – commonly known as rust.  When steel turns to rust, it is as a result of an electro-chemical process which is dependent on variables that are present in the soil. These include soil moisture, pH, back-fill material, physical location and any scratching or damage occurring during the tank’s installation.

Decommissioning Tanks!


When decommissioning underground tanks; soil testing is recommended – even if the homeowner has a valid tank insurance policy. Buyers in this situation should test the soil surrounding the tank before closing on the property and ultimately decommission the tank. If the buyer waits until after the real estate closing, the buyer may not be protected by the tank insurance policy.

In order to close the tank and remain in compliance with state & federal regulations, you will need to hire an environmental consulting firm who can empty the tank and clean it thoroughly whilst following strict safety procedures to avoid potential hazards. Every year, innocent people are injured or killed while attempting to close or remove underground storage tanks. Don’t make this grave mistake. Be sure to hire trained professionals who have experience cleaning and removing underground storage tanks.

Close the deal!


Pricing for oil tank removal services in New York or any other related environmental services are based on many factors, If you do not know the size or location of your underground tank, we would be happy to help you find out!  The best way to receive an accurate price is to speak with an LUZON representative for a free consultation. We will provide a written estimate based upon site visit conditions. Please call and request about our Oil Tank Service Prices! Call 845-434-7805 today