Robert B. Halprin, President

Robert will find a spill no mater where he has to go and look for it!  Most summers you will find him at the lake on his sailboat. He says he is looking for signs of oil spills so he will know where to place the booms at !!

We are still waiting to see if we will ever get a job from those searches!


Lesli Askew

Official Title:  General/Office Manager

Birthdate: Classified

Started at Luzon: Classified

Fav Musical Artist: Lorrie Morgan

A bit about Lesli: Can't say much since she is under the Witness 

Protection Program.


Bonnie Gulick

Official Title: Administrative Assistant

Birthday: Some amazing happened in the 60s!

Started at Luzon: 1/11/16

Fav Musical Artist: Country  

A bit about Bonnie: She is the meanest girl you will ever know! She lives the tug life every day. She intimadates our customers out of their name, phone number and reason for calling.



Rob Macedonio

Official Title: Driver

Birthday: Young stud

Started at Luzon: 10/16/17

Fav Musical Artist:  Depends on the mood!

A bit about Rob: The Marines around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps! 


Keith Restrepo

Official Title: Technician

Birthday: Young at Heart

Started at Luzon: 7/24/17

Fav Musical Artist:  Led Zeppelin

A bit about Keith: 80's child 


Craig Connolly

Official Title: Head Mechanic

Birthday: Early 70's

Started at Luzon: 2/22/16

 Fav Musical Artist: Sinatra, Martin & Country Music

A bit about Craig: He loves to fish and comes to work telling stories about these "huge" fishes that he has caught! He also loves to go camping, he said he wrestled a bear for some camping spot one time. He claims that he did not get one scratch but the bear was pretty beaten up.



Vinny Degori

Official Title: Foreman

Birthday: It's not a birthday, it's an aniversary!

Started at Luzon: 7/6/87

 Fav Musical Artist: All Country

A bit about Vinny: Loves to go to Islas Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. When he comes back from there, he keeps saying that the water taste funny. We keep telling him that's  not water, it's Tequila!!

Todd Petrowsky

Official Title: Technician

Birthday: Of age!

Started at Luzon: 7/3/08

 Fav Musical Artist: George Straight

A bit about Todd: Todd is the Fire Chief  of the Fire Department in Forestburg, NY so every time someones lights up, he runs to his truck and puts on his firefighter's gear and turns on his sirens! 

Dennis Ross

Official Title: Geologist

Birthday: It was "The Twilight Zone"

Started at Luzon: 4/22/97

Fav Musical Artist: Old Rock & Roll

A bit about Dennis: Don't expect perfection from a Geologitst; we all have our faults!